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Link Building Services

Consistently building a natural and strong back link profile is incredibly important in boosting your website’s visibility and authority online.

Backlinks are not just conduits for referral traffic, they serve most importantly as digital endorsements that significantly increase your website’s credibility in the eyes of search engines.

What Is Link Building Really?

Link building is a strategic process we use to acquire backlinks from other websites to your own. This is a crucial peice in improving your visibility, authority and rankings.

What Makes Backlinks So Important

A backlink is essentially a vote of confidence from one site to another. The more quality backlinks a website may have, the more recognized the website is being a source for valuable information. This directly effects search engine rankings. 

A strong backlink profile could be all that stands between the website and a top position in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

The Different Types Of Backlinks

Web 2.0 Links

Such as leaving comments on other blogs or forums. We avoid excessive use of this method as it can lead to spammy practices, and typically Web 2.0 are not as powerful.

Manually Built Links

Achieved through deliberate link-building activities like asking influencers to share our content or HARO (Help A Reporter Out).

Natural Links

These are given without any action on our part, aside from creating great content.

NoFollow VS dofollow Links

A NoFollow Link can still be beneficial in some cases, but typically do not pass on the ‘link juice’. DoFollow Links is the ultimate preferred way to pass on authority. 

Monitoring and Measuring Link Building Success

Link building, and SEO in general, requires careful monitoring to measure success and certain milestones. Analyzing link profiles is a must and an important metric as part of your overall effective SEO Strategy.

Key components of a strong link profile include:

  • A variety of link types (e.g., editorial, guest posts)
  • Links from high Domain Rating (DR) websites
  • Anchor text diversity and relevance
  • Links from sites that are relevant to our industry or niche

Here are practical steps we take to measure performance:

  • Track New Backlinks: Monitor the number of new backlinks and the growth of referring domains over time.
  • Observe Search Rankings: Follow the progress of search engine rankings for targeted keywords, understanding that improvements here could indicate the effectiveness of link building.
  • Analyze Traffic Sources: Use tools like Google Analytics with UTM parameters to assess the volume and behavior of traffic from backlinks.
  • Review Domain Authority: Keep an eye on website domain authority score.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most effective strategies for link building?

We find that a combination of content creation, guest posting, broken link building, and fostering relationships with influencers are among the most effective strategies. Focusing on creating high quality content naturally attracts backlinks and builds authority.


What is the typical cost range for professional link building services?

Link building services can vary widely in cost, depending on your rankings goals, strategy and niche. Typical costs range from $100 for one-off projects to over $20,000 per month for comprehensive campaigns.


What qualifications should a link building specialist have?

Any link building specialist should have a deep understanding of SEO, content marketing, and outreach strategies. The ability to adapt to the ever changing SEO landscape are also vital qualifications.


Are there any risks associated with outsourcing link building services?

Yes. Link building services carries the risk of engaging with partners who may use black-hat techniques, risking penalties from search engines. It’s important to partner with a provider that follows white-hat techniques and has a deep understanding of SEO strategies. 

Our Commitment to Your SEO Success

At Pivot Creative Media, our commitment extends beyond just improving your search engine performance. We focus on building a successful SEO strategy that aligns with your business’s overall objectives. Our team of SEO professionals and specialists works tirelessly to ensure that your business not only achieves, but also maintains high search rankings, leading to sustained growth and success.